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Check out my box

Fruit n veg

Fruit n veg

That’s right, it’s one of those organic fruit and veg boxes no-less; the ones that get delivered straight to your door.

After all, one of the points on the manifesto was to eat locally produced food and organic where possible. So this solves two of those problems. They were delivered to my door by the Arthur Street Trading Company who cover the Hull and East Yorkshire area.

I can pay by direct debit each week, and cut out the hassle of going to the shops.

I was inspired to find one while reading an excellent “chapter” on green food, on the Otesha Project‘s website, part of a book they’re writing on ethical living.

Organic box schemes run all over the UK – find your local one here.

There is a catch though: £12 for the above box: is the price sustainable?


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