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A good way to encourage recycling?

How do you get people to recycle more?

I’ve lived in a few different parts of Britain over the last few years. Each council treats recycling differently.

In Warwick, it was – after a shambolic introduction – somewhat of a Nazi affair: up to six different bins for each item. Grey bins couldn’t be overfilled, each red box had to have different contents they had to be sorted neatly or they would be left by the side of the road.

In Stratford, also in Warwickshire, it was very similar; they had a bit more of a user friendly system in place.

Now I’m in Hull, and there’s not nearly as much faffing around. Two boxes…one for paper, one for everything else. Quite easy. But the council are doing other things to make sure we keep up the good work – like texting people to remind them to put their boxes out:

“Up to 6000 residents have already subscribed to the council’s text reminder service for the blue recycling bins. The evening before the blue bin collection, the council texts those residents to remind them to take their bins to the kerb. The success of the text service prompted the council to launch its email service.” (council press release)
Simple idea – but makes a big difference. More of this please!

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From four wheels to two wheels…

“When I see a person on a bicycle, it gives me hope for the human race” (H.G. Wells)

This week I’m saying goodbye to this….

My beautiful (but polluting and expensive) Nissan Micra

My beautiful (but polluting and expensive) Nissan Micra

…and hello to this!


My new "duel suspension" mountain bike!

Yes, it was one of my first aims on my “Green Manifesto” last week, and I’ve wasted no time in getting this one sorted.

In his inspiring book “365 Ways to Change the World” the author Michael Norton talks about all the benefits of taking to the saddle, including saving petrol, not giving your hard earned cash to evil oil companies…and flying through rush hour traffic.

Instead of driving the 1.5 miles to walk, from next week I’m going to cycle it instead, reducing one of my major carbon emissions down to zero.

And environmental benefits aside, this is a massive money saver. My car currently costs £40 a month, just in tax and insurance and another £60 a month on petrol.

I acquired the bike off the website Freecycle – a phenomenon I discovered about 2 years ago, which is steadily becoming more popular. It’s management system – through Yahoo Groups – is cumbersome though, and I think it would benefit from a Gumtree type design.

But still, it got the job done. I posted a message a week ago saying “WANTED: men’s bicycle”. And within days someone contacted me. I didn’t pay a penny for this bike and it’s in excellent condition.

Now to buy a helmet and revise my Highway Code……..

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