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“Not On Our Watch”

Now here’s a book which gets at just what has been going round my head for ages.

Not On Our Watch

Not On Our Watch

Activist John Prendergast and actor Don Cheadle team up for a book which works, I think, on two levels. It tells quite a reliable account of the attrocities in Darfur and how they unfolded. It’s got lots of facts and info.

But far better it is a call to action. It tells us to get off our asses and not just let this happen ‘on our watch.’

Don explains how he was just focussed on his acting until his part in the film Hotel Rwanda, which opened his eyes to other attrocities still happening to this day.

They describe what they call the ‘four horsemen enabling the apocalypse’: apathy, inertia, indifference, ignorance.

Spot on.

The book could quite easily be a moan, but instead it is a call to action. It has practical advice on starting your own campaigns, and how to pressure political leaders and decision makers. Both John and Don seem convinced writing letters – lots of letters – and heaping pressure on the policy makers does work.

Maybe it does.

I have written quite a lot about the Darfur crisis – and in particular the media coverage of it – on a blog in a previous life.


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