My Green Manifesto

I realised early on that breaking the bounds of my own apathy was going to have to happen in two phases. Yes, I eventually want to become more of an activist, taking a stand on issues which matter.

But first I need to limit the impact my own existence has on the planet. So here it is, my green manifesto to cut my carbon footprint and the damage I do to the environment. I hope to have achieved all thest things by the end of 2008, so I can start the new year with a clean slate.

My Green Manifesto

  1. Replace my old lightbulbs with energy efficient ones
  2. Recycle everything: glass bottles, plastic bottles, every scrap of paper and metal
  3. Unplug anything I’m not using
  4. Eat less meat (see my previous post)
  5. Drink only fairtrade coffee
  6. Buy in season food from local, independent suppliers
  7. Keep the thermostat down 2 degrees
  8. Buy organic food where I can
  9. Drive much, much less
  10. Get a bike, and cycle to work!
  11. Never use another plastic bag – reusable’s all the way
  12. Consume less water
  13. …and by the end of the year, I’m want to have planted at least one tree!

So there it is. 13 things I have come up with. This blog is supposed to be about me making these changes, talking through how I’m going to make it happen, and (fingers crossed) showing off the results.

If I’ve missed any off then post them on the comments below and I’ll add them! Here’s to making a difference.

Heres to making a difference

Here's to making a difference



  1. I would add ‘eat only free-range extensively reared meat’. Hill farms in the UK can have a beneficial effect on the landscape, (as long as they’re not overgrazed) and don’t cause anything like as much carbon emissions as intensively reared and grain-fattened animals. Look for welsh lamb, outdoor-reared pork, and free-range organic chicken from small producers. Apart from anything else it’s so expensive, you’ll have to eat less of it..

    Good luck.

  2. Haha good idea-but you’re right it’s not easy to be 100% organic. I’d naturally assumed my local butcher would sell organic – but bizarrely they don’t! I asked at the counter and they shrugged their shoulders. So I may have to look elsewhere.
    Thanks for the tip can go on the list (and nice blog btw!)

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